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How can I save water with my currant toilet ?

  Over the years people have come up with some ingenious and unique ways to save water with their toilets.

   The older toilets used to use anywhere from around 3 to 7 gallons of water every time you flushed. Even when utilities were less expensive some people still struggled to pay the water bills. These folks had to come up with ways to save water. Their ideas still work to some degree today for you and me if we live with older toilets.

   Placing objects in the toilet tank to off-set the amount of water the tank holds is a great idea. One idea is to put a 2 liter bottle filled with water in the tank, you save 2 liters every time someone flushes. One toilet I found several bricks stacked on the inside of the tank. As long as these objects are not chemically corrosive or hazardous the idea is sound and will save you hundreds of gallons of water use over time. 

Be careful that the objects do not interfere with the proper operation of the flush valve of the fill valve. Doing this in a new low flow  toilet is not recommended, they are engineered to  a higher standard and need exactly the amount of water to operate correctly and efficiently.

   Make sure the water level in your toilet tank shuts off at it's manufactures specified mark on the flush valve. Sometimes the mark was stamped on the inside of the toilet tank itself.

   Check your toilet for leaks at least once a year. Make sure the fill valve is shutting off completely. Check the toilet flapper for signs of wear, and that it is closing properly and not leaking. If its been over 5 years I recommend changing the flapper for good measure.

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