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How do I  Remove an Aerator from a Kitchen or Bath Faucet ?

Normally you can just use a washcloth and a pair of pliers and unscrew the aerator. Unfortunately over time they become corroded, making it very difficult to do easily. If your aerator is stuck you can try running hot water through faucet until it heats the metal, should not take but a minute or two.

Turn water off, be careful touching it now. Use a thin piece of rubber material like a jar lid opener to grip the aerator with a pair of pliers so you do not scratch it.

If it will not budge, try tightening it to break the seal, not to hard though. If this is not working heat it up again by running hot water again, as soon as the metal is heated, immediately turn on the cold water and cool it rapidly.

Now try to unscrew again. You may have to go through this sequence a time or two to break the old seal and corrosion.

You all probably know this but make sure your turning the aerator from your right to the left when you are standing in front of the faucet.

 Hope this helps, good luck.