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 How to Use a Garbage Disposal Properly and Avoid Clogging your Kitchen Sink Drain.

The Garbage disposal is one of the greatest and worst inventions in plumbing’s history. The Disposal is a modern convenience that almost everyone has in his or her kitchen today. The problem is that if you do not know how to use one correctly, it is going to cost you time and money for your ignorance. There are some basic warning given when you purchase a new garbage disposal like; keep fingers clear of cutting blades, or do not insert metal or glass. If you have never purchased one, how do even know the basic operating instructions. Disposals will in fact break-up and process almost any organic matter that you can stuff into the opening, and it will shoot it out the back end. The real problem lies in the drainpipes that the disposal connects too. The drainpipes handle only so much liquid and or solids at one time. Here are a few simple rules about how to use a garbage disposal properly and avoid clogging your kitchen sink drain.

Do not insert anything but liquid into the disposal without the water faucet turned on full open and the garbage disposal running. Do have the water running before you turn on the disposal and do not shut off the water until you have turned off the disposal. 

Do not dump a full pot or container of anything into the disposal at one time. If you have a large amount (over a full pint) of solid or semi-solid leftovers, do put them into the trash, not the disposal.

Do not put stringy vegetables like celery or cornhusks down the disposal, they will not process into small enough pieces and can stop up the drain completely. Foods such as rice or pasta will not process completely either.

Do not peal or let vegetable peelings go into a garbage disposal. Unless you have the latest and most expensive disposal on the market it will not chop and process all of them, a large amount will slide past the cutter blades and right into the p-trap, once there they become impacted and clog the drain.

Therefore, what can you put down the garbage disposal?

 Do clean your plates off one at a time referring back to step one, unless you want to see a bill from the plumber that is.



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