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I have to jiggle the handle to make the toilet stop running.

  This problem can have several answers.

   1. The flapper chain is too long and is sucked-into the flush valve when the toilet is flushed; it then becomes trapped under the flapper and creates a gap for the water to leak through. Usually shortening the chain length between the flapper and the handle arm connection will fix this problem. Not to short, or the flapper will not seal. 

   2.  The flapper may be installed improperly. If your fill tube has two small ears, one on each side, the flapper arms need to attach to each. When you buy a new flapper it will sometimes have an extra circle piece that needs to be removed if your toilet fill tube has ears.

   If your fill tube is brass, or has no ears then the circle needs to slide down over the tube just far enough that the flapper fits properly. Keeping the circle on and using the ears will not work.

   3. Your flapper is worn out and will no longer seat in the flush valve naturally. When you jiggle the handle it pulls the flapper over just enough that it seals, until you flush again.

   4. You have the wrong flapper. I see this problem a lot. Toilet flappers are not one size fits all, even if the package advertised universal. Take the time to research your toilet before you buy new parts.