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I hear water running in the bathroom.

Where is it coming from ?

There are several places that you might hear water running in the bathroom. The most common place is going to be the toilet. When your toilet flapper wears out it leaks just a little water and allows the water fill valve to open, sometimes just enough to sound like there is water running. The water fill valve itself may be worn out and not close completely after every flush. Check the tests listed on our home page.

Other places you may here sounds of water running are from other faucets or appliances in the house. When other water is running in the house, depending on how it was built, you can hear the vibration from those faucets and outlets through the piping.

LEAKS ! Are of course the worst water running sounds you do not want to hear. If every faucet and appliance in your home are completely shut off, and you still here water running, you may have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. It could be anywhere, do to the vibrations ability to traveling long distances it could even be in the main line coming in to your home.

Not all leaks will show up as water on the floor. Some of these covert leaks can be running under the floor or under ground for a very long time before being discovered or showing up above ground. There are now plumbing companies that specialize in leak detection. New technology has been introduced that allow us to pinpoint leaks through audio and sonar devises. These new devices cut the guess work in half and allow for a faster and less expensive bill from the plumber.

Broked drain lines can also sound like running water in the walls and under the floor. These leaks if left unrepaired, over time will cause the most damage. Mold is the most common problem with these types of leaks. They can also cause smells are hard to locate, and often very pungent.

One other place that some people will hear water running is in drain lines that have not been used for a long time. Your shower, bathtub and sinks all have a P-trap that should be filled with a certain amount of water. If these fixtures are not used for an extended period of time the water will evaporate, and you can hear water draining from other fixtures when they are used. If your toilet seal is broken, you may even be able to hear the water draining when you flush.