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My Toilet Flapper Is Sticking And Will Not Close

  The most common reason a toilet flapper might be sticking and will not close is that it is just flat worn-out. Over time, the rubber will deteriorate no matter what material it is made of, nothing last forever.

   A flapper made of older or cheaper black rubber material is very susceptible to the chlorine found in most municipal water supplies. They deteriorate even faster if you use a toilet cleaning drop-in, or puck some people call them. They are also harmful to all other flappers, seals, discs and plungers as well. These cleaning products my even void the manufactures warranty on some new toilets.

   Another reason that your toilet flapper may not close properly is improper installation. Many toilet flappers are designed to attach on the ears of a fill tube, one on each side. Generic toilet flappers are sold with an extra circular attachment for installation on a brass fill tube with-out ears. This circle must be removed per the manufacturers instructions before connecting the flapper to the ears of a plastic fill tube.

   The chain may be to short or to long. If it to short it will not allow the flapper to close and seal correctly. If the chain is to long it can become stuck under the flapper inside the flush valve and again not allow the flapper to seal. 

  Having the wrong toilet flapper to begin with will also cause headaches. They may look like they fit and work properly at first, but soon start leaky or malfunctioning in different ways.

   Always try to purchase the original manufacturers parts for your toilet if possible. If they are not available, there should be plenty of after market models available, the manufacture should be able to supply you with the recommended replacement.