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My toilet is running and does not shut off.

   The answer has two parts; it could be the flush valve, or the fill valve.

   The standard flush valve consist of a body with threads that attach to the toilet tank with a shank washer and locking nut, a fill tube or overflow tube, and the actual valve or flapper.toilet flush valve

   When customers say my toilet is running and does not shut off I let them know that a worn out flapper is the most common reason a toilet will keep running. Here are some examples of common toilet flappers you may need.

   Changing a flapper is not a difficult job, although if you call a plumber it will cost you plenty. Here is one of a number of videos off YouTube that walk you through how to change a standard toilet flapper.

My toilet is running and does not shut off.

   There are other reasons that your toilet may be running. Sometimes the flapper chain is to long and becomes stuck under the flapper, not allowing it to close. An improperly installed flapper will often stick in the up or open position, or not fall into the valve and land offside of the flush valve body. Rarely the body of the flush valve itself can wear or break.

   If your toilet is still running after you have changed the flapper, and you feel it is fitting properly, you may need change the flush valve. Changing to valve involves removing the toilet tank from the bowl in most cases. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, Don't! Even experienced plumbers have accentually broken toilets changing flush valves. You can find more videos on YouTube showing you exactly how to change a toilet fill valve. If you just want to find a plumber and get it fixed you can us Angie's List to find qualified licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.