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My toilet is stopped up, what can I do ?

Most people have a toilet plunger in their home. If you move often, they get lost or maybe you are a new homeowner. Everyone should have a good toilet plunger when an emergency arises, you just never know.

A good toilet plunger has a large air chamber for the maximum hydraulic air movement possible. 

  How do I use a Toilet Plunger?

If the water is already up to the top of the bowl, you may want to remove some of it first, so that when you insert the plunger it does no displace the excess on the floor. I know this is gross for most people so wear rubber gloves and wash everything really well when you are done with disinfectant. You may want to remove the toilet tank lid before you start as well, carefully set it aside on a large bath towel out of the working area, I will explain why in a little bit.

Now guide the plunger to the bottom of the toilet bowl and begin forcing the air inside the plunger out in a down and up motion. You should begin feeling the suction force pulling the plunger down into the bowel. When this happens, pull up quickly on the plunger just high enough to break the suction. Keep repeating this action until the water goes down or until your tired, whichever comes first. 

I hope that the water has gone down now. Try flushing the toilet; if everything is working, there will be no problem. If the bowel starts to fill up and looks like it is going to run over, carefully reach inside the tank and push the flapper or seal down to stop any more water from running into the bowl. Now repeat the plunging process again, you may have to do this several times depending on how tough the clog is. 

 If this does not work at all you can move on to the next step or call a plumber.

How do I use a closet auger for hard to unstop toilets.