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My Toilet Is Turning On And Off by Itself 

   It does this in the middle of the night. What can I do to fix it myself ? Do I need a new toilet ? Do I need to can a plumber ?

   I have been woken up in the middle of the night by my toilet a few times. It is really frustrating to say to least. The most common reason for this inconvenience is a bad toilet flapper.

   The flapper slowly deteriorates over time and begins to allow water to leak by; this lowers the water level in the toilet tank until the fill valve must start the refill cycle. Hence the question why is my toilet turning on and off by itself.

 There is another reason that is not so common. Sometimes when a new toilet fill valve is installed it is done incorrectly. The refill tube from the fill valve must have an air gap between the flush valve tube. If it stuck down in the flush valve below the water line it cause a back siphon affect and slowly drain water from the toilet tank.

 There is no need for a new toilet unless you want to update and install a new water saving unit. This is a really good idea if you would like to save money on your utility bill.

  Calling a plumber is your choice, however; replacing a toilet flapper is a fairly easy job for the do it yourself person. Watch toilet flapper replacement video.

   Finding the right flapper is essentual to the proper proformance of your toilet. Follow the how to sugestion on our home page to find your toilet flapper. If you know the manufaturer and model of your toilet check the list on the left side of this page.