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My toilet makes a loud noise when it shuts off.

   If your toilet makes a loud noise when it shuts off, it is probably not the flapper.

   A loud bang is usually do to what is called water hammer. The force of running water is stopped suddenly and all that energy is transferred back into the plumbing system. It is bad for your pipes and can cause damage. Installing a water hammer arrester above the cold water supply to your water heater will usually solve this problem.

   If the noise is a loud vibration like a small jack hammer, it could be the toilet's water fill valve. Replacing or repairing the fill valve will fix this issue in most cases.

Sometimes if the toilet fill valve is leaking a little, when you turn on another faucet in the house it can cause a pressure drop that will make the fill valve vibrate also.

Another cause of vibration near a toilet is the small shut-off valve under the toilet.