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My Water Bill Keeps Going Up.

   One reason may be a leaking toilet flapper. This is one of the most costly and easily repaired problems in your home. At least once a year along with your regular home maintenance you should check all the toilets in your home.

   One way to check for a toilet flapper leak is to add a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank when no one is going to be using it for at least a couple of hours. Come back and check the bowel every thirty minutes for any sign of the color you added earlier. If you see any color then you should change the flapper.

   Another sign of a leaking toilet flapper is water moving in the toilet bowel long after the last flush. Some leaks are very slow and do not show up right after a flush.

   Changing the toilet flapper every five years is also a good idea, whether your having a problem or not, this is good preventative maintenance. If you do not remember the last time you changed your toilet flapper, now is a good time.

   If you are still having higher than normal water bills you may need to call a professional. Contact you water company first for a free check.