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The next question I ask is do you have a flapper on a pivot which moves like a hand waving, or is there a tube that moves up and down?

   The most common flapper styles attach to a round white, plastic Fill Tube in the center of the toilet tank.Find Toilet Flapper Fill TubeThis will help narrow your search. Is the tube round or square, metal or plastic, is there even a tube at all, some toilets were made with the fill tube molded into the back of the tank itself. Therefore, the flapper attaches to a bracket or bolt on the bottom of the toilet tank.These are harder to find, but not impossible. Making notes of these characteristics will help you later as well.

   The next step is for you to look under each manufacture indexed on the left to help find your toilet flapper and accessories. We are including as many suppliers as we can at this time, and continually searching for more. We hope to include pricing and product reviews in the near future. We hope this will help you and look forward to adding much more information soon.

   P. S. Generally, toilet manufactures do not sell their parts directly to the public, this is because they buy the specific working parts of the toilet from others to use in their product specific toilet tanks. In Addition, as with any plumbing product, if your toilet is not over a year or two old, it may still be under the Manufacturer's Warranty. Sometimes it is worth a call or e-mail to the manufacture and just ask if your toilet is under warranty. You may even save a buck or two.