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The third question I ask my customers is, do you know who made your toilet ?

    Most of the time there is a manufacture's stamp on the toilet tank or bowl. Some of the most common are "K" for Kohler, American Standard, Crane, Mansfield, Eljer, Lamosa, Gerber, Glacier Bay, St Thomas...ect. These stamps are on the top of the bowl usually behind the seat. Some have no markings on the outside of the toilet, but, you may find a name and model number on the inside of the tank.

   Carefully lift the tank lid and set it aside on a large bath towel. They are normally made from 'porcelain china' and can break easily. Write down any names and numbers you find in or on the toilet, this information can be very useful in most search quires, whether you are looking online, or at the hardware store.

   There will be after market or generic flappers and seals  available for many toilet flapper models, however; if you can find original manufacturer parts, they do fit the best and out last the others.